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Re: Falling in love with Sensei

Apologies in advance for another thread resurrection, but, it appears this topic is timeless! Just to clarify a few points I noticed as questions in the thread:

I have been studying Aikido for 2 years now, with the same Sensei primarily. I have been attracted to him from the beginning, and this is something that has gotten deeper over time. I am in my mid 30's and he is in his mid 40's, so neither of us are children. I am quite firmly entrenched in our organization, I regularly travel to train in other dojos in the organization because we have a pretty extensive family, and I have maintained close friendships with many of the people in our organization. Sensei has been in a relationship for several years, but broke it off a few months ago. I, on the other hand, have been single the entire time. I frequently feel that I am the kind of girl who gets immediately 'friend zoned' for some reason I am unable to identify. Since he has been single for some time, however, I am beginning to think that I should talk to him about my feelings, but I am more worried about our relationship if he is not interested in me romantically.

So, my actual question is to the Sensei's on the forum. How do you feel when you have a female student you don't have romantic feelings for approach you, and how does that affect your relationship with her if you reject her because you simply aren't interested in her? Would that rejection cause you to view her differently on the mat afterwards?

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