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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Vantage points

Hi Bernd,
Oh, absolutely there must be a balance between solo training and application... under increasing duress and pressure to "temper" your skills. It is a part of process to which I was referring.

My point was that we can have a well-balanced life -- not a single-minded one -- and still gain skills and excellence in a discipline that we love enough to dedicate at least a small part of our day to improving. And, it does not take that long to start seeing incremental results.
I got the impression from Chris K. that he felt that such a thing was beyond him because he could not dedicate his life... the "10,000 hours" at least ... to developing the "unusual power" of IP and aiki. I am only saying that this is simply not the case.

And, if one can accomplish even "just" this, it is not a huge stretch of the imagination to consider the possibility that the skills of Ueshiba are not some mythic power beyond the ken or reach of others in our generation.
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