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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: Vantage points

Hello Cady,
Reading here for a couple of years as a guest, I've always found your contributions refreshing and inspiring.

It's not about how many hours it takes before you reach a certain level or surpass another's skills, it's about the process and what it all means for you. Not everyone has to be obsessively driven to attain genuine skills; it just has to be something you love enough to continue to pursue it, and then one day you look back and see how far you've come just for doing something you enjoy.
The seed of Aiki has to be put into our body (Kimura Tatsuo, somewhere in his writings). This is the first step. But then, it begins to grow, depending on how good the ground is.

If we culture it like in a hothouse, then the results will probably be like a hothouse plant, i.e. in many cases good looking, with all the outer attributes for excellent marketing but may be tasteless and the first slight breeze might blow it away.
So, IMO it's also a question of reaching for good balance in every sense to get real positive results or else, if I were a crazy guy , I'd probably remain a crazy guy but now with crazy Aiki..

Take care
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