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Re: Vantage points

As an analogy for me I look at the body this way.....helps me think about how to get this to work........ the body is like a complex set of gears...spur gears, helical gears, herringbone gears, internal gears, rack gears, bevel gears for right or left angle shafts like straight, helical, zerol, spiral, hypoid, screw, worm, crown and face gears. Gears in all sizes.....

For maximum efficiency for any given tasks the right gears need to be engaged and working together........ most of us never do that or get that that is needed.

To me the dantien is like a giant focuses what is coming in linked through the gearing and distributes it back out through the gearing when working together. It's very movement maintains, adds to and generates power....

An example of a break in the process is tension in the shoulders disengages the shoulder/elbow.arms/hands from the dantien and connected as a smaller sub-assembly works alone....

The practice is how to bring or engage more of the body (individual gears) in to the set to collect more of the body when engaging.......

See it anyway you want...this is what helps me.....

To me Dan is one of the Gear Masters out there.....

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