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to a novice like me, its irrelevant as ill never reach the heights that i endeavour to but for the truly dedicated who can invest in the program full time - takedas aiki will begin to materialise, over the years.
Invest in the program full time? That sounds like a career! Who among us can afford to live like Sagawa, or has the eccentric drive of Takeda (not to mention the wife to manage all the logistical details of running a household while he was out and about)? Unless you are saying that you have no intentions of solo training even just a little bit each day, then you will develop tangible and applicable skills long before you are old and gray. A little at a time, with consistency, and you start to notice the incremental growth and changes in your body. You start realizing that you can "do things" that most others can't, and it keeps advancing from there.

It's not about how many hours it takes before you reach a certain level or surpass another's skills, it's about the process and what it all means for you. Not everyone has to be obsessively driven to attain genuine skills; it just has to be something you love enough to continue to pursue it, and then one day you look back and see how far you've come just for doing something you enjoy.

Heck, even Takeda said that aiki is easy to learn, and that it could be taught to women and children. You should take that as a challenge!

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