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Re: A Judo that Incorporates Kendo: Jigoro Kano's Ideas and Their Theoretical Develop

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This is very interesting to me. We did lot's of bokken sparring this summer. We wrestled and used bokken to hit each other, it was very fun and very revealing. Lot's of classical Jujutsu/Aikido techniques would pop up, it was a joy to see!

More experimentation needs to be done in this area!
I've engaged in this sort of thing with people who have trained in police dojos. It is a ton of fun and adds an entirely different element to practice, some of which is lacking in kendo.

Haga style kendo, of which you can find a bunch of videos on youtube shows some of what is like.

Many modern kendoka gasp in horror when they see videos like that as it isn't idealized clean technique, but seem to fail to grasp that it is mostly when you remove the ability to perform "rough" techniques, you wind up with refined, unchaotic matches. Keeping those elements in play make it difficult to have "refined" matches unless you are at a really high level.

Its like watching point karate vs MMA.

On the otherhand, the restrictive ruleset does allow for easier practice and development of understanding seme and developing kizeme.
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