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Hello Mert, I attended the full seminar, Saturday ans Sunday, plus the bit on Friday afternoon.
Hi David
I think you made your point clearly. What he said guys is essentially he thought the material was good but he wasn't satisfied that it was of the same things he was looking for in his Aikido.
I never dispute that with folds...after...we meet. I'm not trying to be all things to all men.
We can debate all day that the things I teach are or are not, what Ueshiba was doing. I clearly disagree with David....but for me that goes right back to the title of the thread...
Vantage points
From where I sit and what I know, it's obvious, but only 99% of people who see it presented agree.
What's wrong with that?

Several shihan, while agreeing this is an absolute essential to Aikido, also think Aikido is more than JUST this.
What's wrong with that?

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