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Re: Vantage points

there are also folks who went but had hard time linking of what they saw to their practices. take the ASU folks, for example. Ikeda sensei had shown the IP/IS stuffs for many years, but most folks either couldn't understand it or think it's not achievable so after the seminar(s), they went back and did what they have always done before. so here is the definition of insanity "do the same thing, expect different results".

of course, we also have skeptics who looked at the stuffs and said "that's not my cup of tea or coffee or beer (although i don't know of folks who drink beer out of a cup)". and that's ok too. hey, potato, potatoe, ...

then you have skeptics, who said, all of your 6-dan, 5-dan, oodle-dan teachers that had converted to dan's religion (dan should get a priestly robe with glowing lights and so on, and don't forget beautiful women acolytes) got brain-washed and all their years of experience meant nothing, which meant their approval meant nothing. and since their experience and knowledge are better, they should remain skeptical until dan and other IP teachers can crawl through their doors to prove it to them. to which dan and others said "you are kidding me, right?!!!"

as far as money goes, i think dan and other IP/IS teachers are making money hand over fist or is that fist over hand or fist over fist or one of them over the other. they are living the good life while us, working stiffs, have to work our asses off on these damn solo exercises, with no ending in sight and no fame and fortune, but only with our cup of tea/coffee/liquor of choice to nurse our bruising ego!

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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