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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Use of the Term "Aiki"

As Chris continues to translate, it becomes abundantly clear that Ueshiba was (as I have continued to state) not even using his own ideas for aiki.
Many things he says were actual quotes of known work

1. If we keep asking what Ueshiba meant by aiki and not what westerners think about aiki than I would suggest reading what our subject-Ueshiba Morihei actually said on the subject (correctly translated)
Then as Chris and others are doing
2. Find out what his sources were.
  • were they his discoveries?
  • Did that have a pedagogy?
  • What did they mean when used in context from many sources?
  • what did they mean to him?

Once you establish that, you simply cannot, with any degree of credibility ignore ALL of his references which tie in as well to accepted and credible doctrine of internal training. They are simply inescapable reference points. His thoughts on evading, explicated in detail by Shirata outline the starting point as internal training in order to create and immovable body IN MOTION. Then he discusses how that tied together creates invinicible positioning. These descriptions of aiki
Aiki is the joining of two ki's as opposing forces expressed in heaven earth man
Aiki is dual opposing spirals (repetative quote left out)

Give life and breath to his thoughts on
Aiki is evading

We are discussing Ueshiba's aiki are we not?
I for one am interested in what gave him such crazy power. Since I am interested in his power and where he thought it tied into his world view, I take his quotes on aiki in their fullness and try to understand what they mean.

People keep stating we need to understand cultural reference for his spirtual descriptions. Okay
Discuss them________________________
We need to understand the cultural references for his Aiki as internal power dynamics
Discuss them________________________
Chris is.
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