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Re: The shoulder grab - where does this come from

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
So - say attacker has knife in R hand. grabs your R shoulder with his L hand.
You go beside him to his L, and pivot around to your L, which should lead him to follow you around, raising his R hand to stab (tsuki) as he comes around - you turn back, and with your R hand at his forearm/elbow execute ikkyo, use L hand on his elbow for control and grip his wrist with R hand, and finish the ikkyo to the floor. Pin elbow to ground with L hand, lift his wrist too hyperextend his elbow, and relieve him of the edged weapon. stand quickly and watch for his friends. Don't leave the weapon on the floor for him to collect with his other hand, or for his friends to collect..
and if you can't do the pivot, say there is a bunch of folks or a wall or a row of table/chair blocking, then what?

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