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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Use of the Term "Aiki"

I'm not interested in technical know how or a discussion of it per se, I am interested in taking each definition at face value and knowing what it means.

1. Aiki as evading... isn't debated.
2. Aiki as a spiritual reference isn't debated either.....even though many don't know his references and what they meant to him, they don't debate it they discuss it and all agree its over their head. Often they take poor explanations at face value because..well they admit they don't know the reference points.
3 Aiki that are exact quotes and known trading modalities for internal power? They get thrown out as hogwash or included as part of some esoteric meandering because most people don't know. Thus we have a dilemma.
People don't know much about these other aiki expressions and training models, what they meant, where they came from or that there are *real* *live* humans walking the earth who DO know these things....

For that reason I would agree with assumptions Just not the way it is being offered.

Openly choosing to disregard definitions of aiki that Ueshiba considered vital to his daily exercises and studies and quoted repeatedly has been done before. It's a twice told tale.

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