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Thanks Marc
I wasn't suggesting Ushiro was, or that Saotome was. Nor anyone else for that matter, just asking why no one else is mentioned. Pick any well know teacher and plug their name in....and isn't that the point?
What the HELL are we doing discussing fees at all?
It just keeps coming up when MY name is involved.
Where are the all threads pointed elsewhere?

Hopefully, the airing of grievances that went on in this thread can put and end to all of that and we can turn the page.

I started the thread in an attempt to discuss why no one from here will acknowledge that almost all of those who come to these seminars switch and start training this way. Those are almost impossible odds. As outrageously successful as an outcome as you could hope for. It is far beyond anything -I- ever imagined would happen.
How is it that most acknowledge they now can understand what Ueshiba was talking about
Why do people think that happened?
How could it have happened?
What does it mean, what should it mean for the discussion of Internal power and aiki?

________________________________crickets.... wind whistling through the trees.

Honest answers would move us all forward.

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