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Regarding fees:
Start a thread stating the fees of Saotome or Ushiro, and cut and paste the same negative comments that have been posted here.

There is an obvious undercurrent here toward me and those who train with me. I have taken more personal slams directed at my character, motives and honesty than any combination of individuals I have seen. Have we ever seen posts calling the students of Saotome or Ushiro idiots and brain washed?

It is very disheartening sometimes.
The fact that 99% of the seminar attendees write in with positive comments and the fact that no one....not one person from Aikido has been physically able to handle me matters not.
The fact that -once again- almost 100% of the people exposed ..change and adopt this matters not.

Hopefully we can someday turn the page. We'll see how it goes.


I started the thread in an attempt to discuss why no one from here will acknowledge that almost all of those who come to these seminars switch and start training this way. Those are almost impossible odds. As outrageously successful as an outcome as you could hope for. It is far beyond anything -I- ever imagined would happen.

I wanted to discuss that. In and of itself it offers compelling credibility to the discussion that we have been having on the boards.
At the very least, if we address that topic alone, we can move forward with the fact that there must be something to this to convince so many credible teachers.

Instead, and I one wants to address that and they would attack me personally in any way they can. Look at the original post, look at the replies, all over the map to avoid the OP.....

I keep trying to help -and I am succeeding- so I'll keep my eye on the ball and satisfy myself with the incredible letters I keep receiving from teachers with decades of experience, thanking me for opening their eyes....with material that isn't even mine.....
It came from the founder of their own art, Aikido!!!


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