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Re: Morihei Ueshiba's Use of the Term "Aiki"

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
While this is stuff for another thread, I think it's very interesting. I have been making a study of Tomiki Sensei's work of late, I've found it very enlightening!
That is a whole issue in itself - many see Tomiki as randori forgetting that he was probably the most studied of the lot. He immersed himself in the Omoto-kyo writings to better understand Ueshiba ( his dojo still has the Omoto-kyo shrine) and to say he was just after a collection of techniques to supplement his judo really does not do him justice. Pigeon holing people and ideas is a weakness shared by all.

Peter G. years ago gave me a copy of Tomiki's Budo-ron. By coincidence I was looking at it this morning while separating books to be chucked and those to immigrate with me to the UK in just over 2 weeks. I wish that text would be translated but alas not yet.

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