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I can't believe you fellas!

Surely those of you with military experience would agree that violence is always a short term solution. An instructor recently said something to me which sounds quite simple, but is quite profound (though not entirely true); "you can't change anyone".

I think his point was, try to use force and people only resent you for it. You may beat them down, but they'll spend the rest of their time plotting revenge.

I have been in several real fights, one involving a knife, and at no point was my objective to damage or kill the aggressor. Yes, I did strike several of the aggressors, but not to severely injure them. In all cases both myself and the aggressor only came away with scratches and bruises. There are times when more extreme measures need to be taken, but training in aikido increasingly reduces these occurances. When Ueshiba challenged a navy officer to attack him with a sword, he didn't break his arm, in fact he didn't even do a technique; he just avoided getting hit.

I feel that if we focus too much on trying to attack someone we'll get pulled into confrontations because we don't give ourselves the option of escape. To me aikido is a physical expression of showing the futility of aggression - this cannot be achieved by breaking limbs or killing people.


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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