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Re: The shoulder grab - where does this come from

Had an appropriate opportunity to work on kata dori last night thanks to the apparently psychic teaching staff at Aikido Shobukan Dojo...

I am thinking that kata dori should be broken up into two different types of attacks: the pull and the push. The pull is when the attacker grabs a handful of gi and tries to break your balance forward or at some sideways angle. I have a lot of problems with this because I dislike technique that requires uke to hang on, when if they really wanted to do something to me they would let go and switch to something else. But there are things we study when the shoulder is pulled that I am not going to argue with my instructors about too vociferously. Thing is, I am not convinced that a lapel grab would just as fine a way to study these things, with the added benefit of not leaving so many little flecks of blood on nage's shoulder from stressed fingernails.

The thing about the push is, it is arguably a more common attack, typical of affective aggression situations. The stuff you can study against a shoulder push are different than the things you can study from a shoulder pull, seems to me.

Thanks for the particular I appreciate Dan mentioning that just because it doesn't SEEM like a common attack doesn't mean it wouldn't happen. And Chris brought up good points about the content of Budo Renshu...I didn't have time to check my copy of that last night.

I don't think it is any clearer to me what the historical provenance of kata dori is, and I am still pretty interested in that. I guess it is something that Ueshiba liked to use to demonstrate certain principals though. Hmmm...did Ueshiba teach against a shoulder push or pull, or both?
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