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Re: religious terminology in martial arts and implication

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i don't recall ever heard of similar practice in chinese martial arts. perhaps someone in the know could enlighten me. what about indian martial arts? western martial arts? or is it an asian thing?

now i am really curious. this might be a bad thing, at least for me.
You are going to find 'magical thinking' everywhere.

About religious beliefs as moral compass from a PTSD perspective, there is abundance of them all across times and cultures.

One of many examples is the legend of Alī Ibn Abī Tālib who, during the Battle of the Trench had knocked an enemy warrior to the ground and raised his sword to kill him, the enemy suddenly spat on his face; Alī halted and refrained from killing him. "Why have you spared me?, the enemy asked. Ali then said: "O Gracious God, you made property and life sacrosanct", and then replied: "It is only permissible to kill a life while in holy combat, but when you spat on my face, you aroused my personal pride and anger so instead of striking you with a sword, I struck my passion for the sake of Allah".

The legend points to the psychological effect of killing in anger vs killing in just and holy war. The first should be avoided, the second, you can live with it.

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