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I discuss fascial connections among other things when I train people. Again, Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurses, PT and number of other therapists who train with me have proven to have no advantage. NONE...over anyone else. The point is that even having the correct anatomical mechanisms laid out does nothing. I think much of this talk of fascia is like most everything else on the internet..a lot of jibber jabber from people, who you meet and they have squat.

Knowing tendon/fascia/muscular connections and even knowing the correct use, does nothing to help when one is lacking an understanding of intent, and yin and yang. Even intent... remains flawed when one does not understand yin and yang and how to not only support movement in opposites but then how to neutralize force using intent to create yin and yang in a constant flow under stress.

It is an understanding born from reaching certain vantage points.
When it comes to these things, it is my opinion that most martial artists simply don't know what they're doing or talking about. It's just simply a sad fact.And rank and decades in China and Japan means virtually nothing. Most people are in various stages of disarray, once side weighted, wobbly on their feet, their lateral stability is poor, they can't find your center with their power, they can't protect theirs and when you touch them they do all the wrong things and fight back or evade.

The fix has proved to be through a body technology that most budo people really have no knowledge of and cannot address or dialogue on. Once you start taking their body apart and explaining the way we move, people get overwhelmed with a technology and way to move each part that they had no idea even existed on the planet. IME, knowing that fascia is involved is all but meaningless to help them. It just satisfies the western mind. The metaphors and visual models work and have worked for generations...even before modern science stepped into us understand better ways to do athletics.

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