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Travers Hughes
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Re: Atemi and Aikido

Interesting topic - I'm seeing a lot of "hit and then throw" type answers. I look at it slightly differently, due to a different interpretation of atemi. For me, aikido is all atemi (not just the traditional punch/kick etc, but turning up with the whole body and blasting through the centre). As a result of this, there aren't really any throws as we currently practice the movements (This is perhaps another topic, but related). Consider irimi-nage - the final "throw" is a case of turning up with th whole body. At this point you can either pass or capture as a choke or lock etc. Same thing for koshi-nage. For me, it's a passing movement in which your toe shouldn't leave the ground, and you basically wipe other other guy out by passing through his centre - an "atemi with the hips", as it were.
Interested to hear your comments
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