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A simple question: have you read 'Hidden in Plain Sight' by Ellis Amdur?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I asked this question because I wanted a common ground and I wanted to disregard all possible information gathered from other sources like this site.

If I read 'intent-driven processes' I try to understand this and I remember something written in HIPS p. 46-47 'Explanation no. 11: The Differences between Shi, Ki, and Ryoku' and I think I understand something more. It is clear from the text that the intent drives in this threefold and it is a process. As far as my understanding goes: intent creates the energy that results in strength.

While leafing through the book to find this Explanation no. 11, I saw a photogragh on page 45 of Hisa Takuma and in the caption is written '... the reciprocal balancing of forces in the body ...' Intrigued I read the whole 'Explanation no. 10'. I won't quote it here, it's too long, but do read the two passages in italics on page 46 again. When I read on about 'Dual opposing spirals' and its explanation given by Mert Gambito and just having read 'Explanation no. 10' I think I have an idea what is meant, also by looking at the pictures provided.

That's how minds work, I think, you connect almost involuntary the new information to the information you already have in an attempt to understand the new information. Do I know now all there is to know, no. Can I do it, no. But if I was interested (I'm not ), I would seek out someone to show me this and let me feel it. And another but, if I would summarize the post by Mert Gambito as: 'So the 'dual opposing spirals' are muscular connections inside of the body, and Dan's method, is a way of using these muscular groups.' my father or mother would tell me: 'Don't play at being more dumb than you already are'. That's a literal translation of a Dutch expression, I don't know the English or American equivalent.
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