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Re: Atemi and Aikido

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I would probably agree with you in your situation. Suitable atemi worth practising in your situation could include:

1. Snap kick to groin with top of foot (toes curled down) from rear leg (preceded by a feint to the face).
2. Grab both shoulders and pull your attacker into a knee strike to just below their navel.
3. If someone grabs you from behind - a downward strike with your heel to the pressure point beside the metatarsus (big toe joint) on their foot.
4. If someone attempts to grab you from behind-step back with right foot and deliver a rear right elbow to the solar plexus

These should be regularly practised and then followed by an aikido throw.
Why the right foot? I am far stronger on my left side, I'm going left. And for self defense, I prefer to remove the eyes, knees, and blood flow to the brain as quickly as possible but there are no absolutes in a self defense sitch other than trying to stay alive. I haven't found the groin to be an easily accessible primary target, and somewhat less effective on half the folks. Oh noes, I am doing it wrong.

Forgive my being blunt. Please realize that very many people, yes, even (especially) the women, here have a LOT of martial and self defense training and experience. You are not just preaching to the choir, you are preaching to the post-religion rationalists.

Tell me a bit about your experience, will you? Me? I am an old fat girl. After a few years of surfing introductory free two week sessions at hard style schools as a teen and a couple years of tae kwon do, in 89/90 or so I landed at an aikido dojo I have trained at ever since. I did miss a good chunk of time letting a mess I made die down, but I am back and have always trained with an eye to self defense. Good thing I do, because I have a second job as a bouncer. Gotta pimp out that belt somehow.
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