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Akuzawa sensei can "tug" on his skin and it doesn't look like flexing muscle. I haven't had the opportunity to ask him if this is the same mechanism that Mike Sigman talks about in terms of tugging on the arms via the middle in silk reeling or not. I would assume it is related.

While Dr. Schliep did state that he gets messages from martial artists around the world looking him to validate their "super powers", Dr. Schliep also stated that it was his opinon that Akuzawa sensei and others like him likely have some sort of "hyper conditioning" of the fascia in correspondence to an aikiweb member .
There are many different "final word" studies on fascia that have occurred recently, and some of them directly contradict each other. The models used for the test parameters are of their individual making and the test subjects are usually not trained individuals.
Remember the taiji guy, whom the scientist said was doing things they thought were not possible. Care to add up how many "discoveries" science has made of things they previously said were not possible.
On the other hand we have budo and highly trained movement. I lost track of how many of you...told certain people...they were full of it...till you stood in front of them and couldn't explain how they did what they did.
Seriously experienced Budo people are a pain in the ass. They are always convinced they know everything....til they don't!
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