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Re: The shoulder grab - where does this come from

It's always good to ask, and subsequently to understand the reasons why something is done a certain way. Particularly in traditional arts there can be approaches to techniques based on things a modern adept isn't even thinking about. Koryu jujutsu is a case in point. People can be critical of certain movements: why didn't you do this, or do you see the opening there?
Years ago I did a demo in a judo dojo with a judo friend of mine (who did understand the difference). We put on armor and we proceeded to show how many fit-ins, grabs, and attacks, no longer worked, and how immune we were to certain "openings" while I proceeded to cut with a knife.

So the closer judo fit... doesn't fit...with two do hitting each other and chokes or neck attacks take on a whole new meaning with steel in the way.

So when looking at single keikogi grips ....learn the history -yes sometimes it is just plain dojo stupidity (not all teachers really know what they're doing) and other times they're profound.

Good Aikido is about movement and it can be very good. In the end, try to just know the difference between inane and good movement and make the best of both, and hell...just look at it as yet another opportunity to work on shit that "might" happen.

Why do I say that? I once got stabbed in a bar. Know how it happened? He grabbed my coat by the shoulder and swung me round!! Imagine that?
Many times the people who cause the most trouble, are the least trained, and also the least prepared for the outcome.

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