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Re: religious terminology in martial arts and implication

Ellis, thank you for open up such wealth of information. a couple of questions.

does the "religious" related practice allows the practitioner access the various subconscious states of mind to enhance one's ability/martial prowess? and would that more closer to shamanistic type of practice? or more closer to western, hypnotize oneself for performance/action enhancement?

does it also provide the mind a moral compass so one can deal with PTSD? sort of "physician heal thyself" kind of thing? since in the older days where psychological fields didn't exist, so warriors tend to turn to religion, i.e. talking to your priest/priestest for mental counseling?

which bring us to the misogi and kotadama practices that O Sensei did, would that sort of relate to the practice you mentioned in koryu?

i don't recall ever heard of similar practice in chinese martial arts. perhaps someone in the know could enlighten me. what about indian martial arts? western martial arts? or is it an asian thing?

now i am really curious. this might be a bad thing, at least for me.

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