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* Dual opposing spirals? Here's an illustration from Anatomy Trains served on another site presenting a sampling. Feel free to buy the book to see and read about the full gamut. Simply put, Dan's and others' methodologies develop these features, which include connective tissues in addition to discreet muscles, and the ability to use them in concert -- for example, in opposition (since they're often in mirrored pairs) to produce extraordinary power expressed on one side of the body while balanced across the body (since both sides of the pair are in play), in addition to the ability to negate incoming force from another person. (Someone posted a link to a research study conducted on a taiji practitioner that couldn't resolve how these things happen from a western empirical point of view, so no use in asking here how this works.)
The "Anatomy Trains" reference sounded familiar - I managed to dig this up

See also:

"Compared to the power of muscle contraction, fascia power barely even registers."

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