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Re: Koryu and Aikido

My teacher was a student of Sugino Yoshio and his d˘j˘ is the shibu of the Sugino d˘j˘ in Germany.
So a lot of his aikid˘ students also practice TSKSR.
There is no "mixing" of both ryű. But with regard to Sugino sensei being a student of Ueshiba and teaching aikid˘ in his own right - as does Sugino Yukihiro now - I think there was a kind of "conversation" between both aspects.

Another aspect in my context here is the kenjutsu taught by Inaba Minoru sensei. Regarding the debate about Inaba's swordwork I don't want to judge "how ko"ryű it is. And I leave it to you, whether this fits to your question or does not.
Anyway the aikid˘ of Christian Tissier shihan is heavily influenced by this school of kenjutsu. And he does not hesitate to state this in his seminars. So during my first years of aikid˘ it was this swordwork that I learned when we had weapons classes. (The sword of Saito sensei was not really taught by my teachers.)
I know a lot of his students who practice this kenjutsu unattached to their aikid˘. And Inaba sensei comes to Germany on a regular base for teaching his sword.

The official shibu of KSSR does not allow people who practice aikid˘ to join the d˘j˘.

Then we have Ono ha itto ryu here: There is a teacher who teaches aikido (aikikai affiliated), daito ryu aiki budo and itto ryu. His federation is not very big, but mos students who do aikid˘ with him, also do aikid budo and ken jutsu to a certain degree. I have never practiced in one of their d˘j˘.
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