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Dehumidifying a dojo

Greetings all,

I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to dehumidify a dojo during the winter months. We are located in East Bay so the humidity is always high (70-90%) and our heating system does not vent or bring in outside air, the only vent is located in the bathroom. The heating system just brings in air from one side of the dojo, runs it through flame heated coils and blows it directly to the center of the room. No matter how long we run the heating system for, we cannot manage to dry out the dojo after extensive training periods, as a result, we end up training in a very muggy/stuffy room which ends up creating mold in some of the hard to reach areas.

Any suggestions? Besides having to drop 400-600 dollars on an industrial dehumidifier.

-Justin Tyle
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