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Re: Atemi and Aikido

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
You know, I think that it does matter who starts the fight, who continues the fight, who is right, who is wrong, why the fight is fought. I think all of that does change the methodology of the fight.
Sorry Krystal, I expressed myself poorly. What I meant to say was more along the lines of: Irrespective of who starts the fight, that doesn't change how you fight. If an aikidoka starts a fight, or defends themselves they will most likely do so using aikido/a boxer with punching, etc. I'm not sure how being the aggressor or defender would change what method you used to fight. Your training is your training, it doesn't magically change based on you kicking it off or not.

To do the training with a heavy bag (without gloves) or a makiwarra requires some degree of hand conditioning.
But does it really make any difference if, for instance, you hit a bag with gloves? I was always under the impression it was how much force you could generate, and then how much of that force you can transmit (technique). I'm not sure how much of that is particularly influenced by how hard your hands are.
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