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Dear Howard,
I feel these statements are [especially the second one ] quite frankly tosh.Are you really saying that a kick or a punch by Kanazawa or Mike Tyson would have no effect here ?How would a choke techinique fail to work? Answers please in plain english if you will,Cheers, Joe.
No, no effect, less of an effect than if you punched some random person off the street. This is because if you punch someone who has built up their body this way, and you haven't its like punching a brick wall. The impact of the punch will hurt you, because the energy of the punch is returned back into you.

Thats not to say if you are the punchee you won't feel any pain.

As for a choke, its not that the IS guy is granted super powers and gains extra lung capacity. Its more like, you have a larger window to escape a choke, and can generate power from unusual positions that most others can't.
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