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Re: Vantage points

It's hard to not sound like a jerk when I say what I'm about to say. But stories are stories. I'm not saying that anyone is lying, or trying to trick anyone, but you can't tell much from stories. Since all this stuff started, I have received dozens of emails from people telling me about Dan. I have gotten glowing reviews, and I have heard some pretty ugly things, I take them all with a grain of salt. We can't really judge things by the story. Would I like to "touch Dan" yes I would. If Dan would give me that opportunity, I would take it. If not, I understand that too.

So, touching is out of the question here on the internet, and stories are stories. So what are we left with. There is an amazing inability to say what is happening. We still don't know how anyone is using words like "dantien" or "duel opposing spirals". And there seems to be a real desire not to share what people think these words mean. That makes me suspicious.

There are also lot's of rhetoric filled posts, that seem to me to be dodging the questions asked. Even simple questions can't have a straight answer. This makes me suspicious.

There is a group/pack like mentality in the way the people surrounding Dan talk. They get very angry very quickly, and are sure that everything is an attack. This makes me suspicious.

Dan won't let me, or anyone I've trained with come to his seminars. I always welcome my detractors to come train with me, I don't understand why he wouldn't do the same. This makes me suspicious.

Looking at it from the things I can see, here on Aikiweb can't you see why I keep asking questions?

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