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Re: Vantage points

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post
I still wonder at why you ask this same question over and over.....why is it so relevant to you when it seems a side issue to me? As to effectiveness or comparing it to something else...the best way to do that is to go to one of his workshops and see for yourself.......though that possibility may have gone down the road already.

Just a note my knowledge none of Dan's students actually post here.....those posting here are just individuals who have attended one or more of Dan's work shops, including myself.

I am interested in your answers to Howard's questions....the questions do provide a small opening to what is a starting point, but only a hint at what is possible.

I ask questions to develop my understanding of where someone is coming from. This one got made a much bigger deal of then I meant for it to. Seemed like a simple question to me. In order to understand something, I feel the need personally to figure out where someone is going with a thing, what they feel that thing is or is not. As I start to get more clear positive and negative answers for my questions I can start to understand how I should be thinking about the problem, how the person I'm talking to really thinks about the situation .

I find often I can let questions go, maybe I asked the wrong one, or could find a better question to ask. However I feel that often here on Aikiweb, if I let my questions go, next thing you know there are ten posts about how amazing something felt. That sort of thing doesn't give me any information. So I find it bothersome. Sometimes I feel like I need to stubbornly ask the same question, because if I don't I'll never get any answers to any questions.

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