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Re: Vantage points

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Thanks Howard, I think that did help.

So Dan is teaching Daito ryu without the waza. That seems pretty simple to me.

I have taken three Aikido classes, but I have played with hundreds if not thousands of Aikidoka on the tatami from ASU, USAF, Birenkai, and many other groups.

While I would consider myself an avid spectator, I make no assumptions that I know Aikido. I don't even know what I don't know about Aikido.

I would put out there this very strange statement.
Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Thanks Howard, I think that did help.

So Dan is teaching Daito ryu without the waza. That seems pretty simple to me.
You don't have any idea what Dan can do. You don't even know where to begin when discussing his abilities. Please don't misunderstand me, I mean no disrespect.

The things that Dan (and many of his students) can do are not common place. Most martial artists would hear about them and call BS. They wouldn't think those things are possible. Then you put your hands on him(or them).

My suggestion is this (if you care to take it): you mentioned you had a famous teacher of internal arts, and you also mentioned you have a rough and tumble Aikido class.

Ask your teacher to perform these tasks. If he can do any of them well, he is a good place to start.

1) Ask him to stand neutral, feet even. Place your hand on his chest. Then push him as hard as you physically can. If he moves, and not you, leave. I mean no movement, he should be able to stand there and smile at you

2) If he is successful in absorbing your power, as him to do this, but bend him backwards first so he is leaning at least 45 degrees backwards and then perform the same test. If he moves at all, thank him for his time and leave.

3) Then ask him to perform this on his heels, or toes, yes still in a natural stance(shizen tai)

4) Ask him to place his hand on your chest and with no recoil and no hip twist(yes I said no hips), hit you as hard as he can. IF you are still there and your sternum isn't broken, once again we are talking about different skills.

5) You try this one, face a mirror in a forward stance - advance at least 10 steps forward with out your head moving 1 centimeter off the center line.

These are a handful of the basic skills that Dan teaches.

Imagine if you had this level of body control ? How would that affect your martial ability?

Do you think your Aikido would change ? Do you think you would need tenkan to dissipate power or were the circles or spirals happening in your body ?

If internal power wasn't a big deal to O'Sensei, explain the Jo trick ?

While not a swordsman, I have had bokuto locked with Dan tip to tip and I was immobilized. Stuck to the floor.

Again, not being disrespectful, I'm trying to explain that those are INTRODUCTORY skills that Dan offers. Most people wouldn't believe the high level skills that Dan has to offer.

I believe I have said all I can.

Yes, I am impressed with Dan AND his students, because I measure a teacher based on his students abilities. Dan has students training for three years that possess GREAT internal power.

I consider it an honor to train with Dan and his people.

Best wishes,

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