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Re: Vantage points

See we're creeping away from the issue at hand again. We are starting to get in to the romantic views of what's going on, and not the actual learning process. This keeps happening.

For me, how hard someone can hit, isn't really of interest. I've been around some very hard hitters, and I can hit hard myself. If hitting really super hard is your main point of interest there are lot's of avenues of study available to you. So to me this is uninteresting, but a thread drift that keeps happening over and over.

To me it looks something like this"

Me: Can you explain the structure of your teaching format?
Other: It involves ways to make power.
Me: How is the way you make power different then other systems?
Other: It's a unique method that makes you VERY powerful.
Me: Could you compare this method to something else?
Other: If you felt how amazing this power is, you wouldn't ask such a question, it's very amazing.
Me: How is it unlike anything else?
Other: You simply can't understand, it's ground shaking....

This kind of drift happens a lot, and keeps threads from going anywhere. All I wanted to know was, is Dan teaching his own thing, or is he teaching a known system. That question gets skirted, and next thing you know we're talking about how amazing Dan's power is.

I guarantee, that if I felt something amazing from Dan, I would actually be asking more questions, and not less. Feeling something amazing, for me, means that I want to investigate it more fully, and not simply bask in the feeling that happened.

I'm sorry if this gets frustrating for you guys, but for me it's VERY frustrating. I asked what I thought was a simple question, and it gets pushed around, but never answered.

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