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Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Look it's simple. I'm asking you a single question- do you teach your own system, or do you teach someone else's system? You can replace the word "system" with "approach" or whatever word you choose to describe what it is you are teaching. Or do you teach another system, like Daito ryu, or Aikido, or something that's main points come from someone else.

For example, I teach Aikido. I have lot's of things that I do differently then other Aikido teachers, but most of what I teach is what you would find in many other Aikido schools. I teach someone else's system.

Living in both worlds can be done, but you need to be clear with people about what you are doing. So do you teach your own system or do you teach someone else's?
Hey Chris,

I think I can explain this. Is Saotome doing Aikido ? Is Yamada doing Aikido ? Is Chiba doing Aikido ?

I believe that most people would say yes to all three, but would clarify it by saying they each have special areas that they focused on because Aikido is such a broad system that it is difficult to focus on all aspects. (Especially if you throw in Endo or Nishio)

Being one of the few people on this continent ( I believe there are 15 or so) that are certified to teach Daitoryu I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the core of what Dan is teaching comes from Daitoryu.

In my very humble opinion, What Dan has done is whittled out the "waza" and focused only on specific body skills that stem from Daitoryu. Those body skills are the core of the art. Their development creates Daitoryu "AIKI". If does not create the type of blending that you showed on your football video. Nor does it create the "AI" Kanji that O'Sensei described as love.

What it creates is power, stability(stationary and in motion), instant balance breaking, and crazy striking power.

Does that mean Dan is teaching the whole system of Daitoryu ? No, he isn't and doesn't care too. Why ? Because he has such control of his body that I have yet to meet anyone, Shihan or otherwise, including myself that can effect Dan's balance in any way.

Dan is teaching the very core of Daitoryu. Again, he is not teaching the whole Daitoryu system, but from my perspective, If you told me you had the worlds greatest wristlock or armbar, I wouldn't get up from my seat to look. If you told me that you could nullify anyone's ability to effect you, while making yourself more solid, yet free footed and centered, well then I might just go have a look.

What we have here is an argument about nonsense. Where did the word "aiki" come from ? Obviously the 60's - peace, love, harmony and energy....wasn't that from the 60's

Seriously, I'm training Jujutsu since 1979 with serious people and Daitoryu since 1986 under some of the worlds best and I'm telling you flat out that I wouldn't let any of them carry Dan's bags because they would have to get through me to do so.

I hope that helps.

Happy New Year !

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