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Look it's simple. I'm asking you a single question- do you teach your own system, or do you teach someone else's system? You can replace the word "system" with "approach" or whatever word you choose to describe what it is you are teaching. Or do you teach another system, like Daito ryu, or Aikido, or something that's main points come from someone else.

For example, I teach Aikido. I have lot's of things that I do differently then other Aikido teachers, but most of what I teach is what you would find in many other Aikido schools. I teach someone else's system.

Living in both worlds can be done, but you need to be clear with people about what you are doing. So do you teach your own system or do you teach someone else's?
Hi Chris
No it is NOT this simple. You have jumped around to so many points (all of them with seriously negative connotations) that we cannot seem to follow any line of discussion to a conclusion. I say its you, you say its me.
I respect a lot of what you are trying to do with your Aikido, even if I disagree with some of your approaches and conclusions, I still respect the experimentation and search. I have said this about you when you were not in the room and I am saying it here,
Lets part here in peace.


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