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Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
I can't get into Chris's head to figure out what he was "saying," but, again, I will repeat what I wrote earlier in this thread that I would like to see removed from AikiWeb the kind of rhetoric that criticizes or puts down people because of how or with whom they train.

-- Jun
What I have always looked for is opportunities........what I see here by some is the rejection of opportunities.

Dan is an it turned out for me an approach changing opportunity that has been a positive addition to how I look at things relating to my Aikido.

I have been taking opportunities since I started Aikido in 1974, and I ask my instructor Harry Ishiska for his permission which he always granted. His thought was always to go where you needed to get what you needed to formulate your individual Aikido.

Is Dan the only opportunity out he has never said that he was.......

Again what I see here by many is the rejection of an opportunity.......and with that an effort to remove that opportunity for others....

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