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Re: Atemi and Aikido

I would like to add that not only do you need to learn how to deliver atemi correctly and at what specific vital targets, but you need to practice very regularly and in my opinion toughen up the hands and feet so as to be able to deliver atemi techniques with power. The skin, the knuckles, the wrists, the finger tips and toes (if you use spearhand and toe kicks) need to be hardened. The wrists need strengthening so they don't collapse with a punch. I use a makiwarra, leather punching bag without gloves and a canvas bag filled with no. 3 leadshot (for nukite strikes) to strengthen my hands and feet for atemi. For blocking practice, I get a training partner to strike me randomly with a shinai (bamboo sword) which is great for reflexes and it also toughens the body up.
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