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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

Notation from Horikawa's father in his training notes from 1913:
"Apply Aiki here."
Both predating Chris Hein's date reference, while also countering his point by it's use in a martial context while doing a technique. I don't see much of a counter there, nor a reason to debate it.
There are many other references Ueshiba used for Aiki being martial and I am bit shocked that people would ever even think that when he exuded power and controlling presence and used age old terms known for producing same. There is an actual list and they have been listed so many times here that I am beginning to wonder if people are being intentionally obtuse to make a point. I dunno.

Those higher level examples using Daito ryu and Chinese references both verbally, written and on video, should be a staple in the art. As no one I have met can explain them or actually do them to demonstrate Aiki I wonder if they still exist or are currently openly taught anywhere.
I can't think of a way to explain them on the net in writing that would be definitive, but it sure is important to at last refer to them and their immense value to anyone practicing the way of aiki or Aikido™. We continue to mention them to keep them in both correct historical and applicable context. Although I truly think his higher level work and his quotations are discussions that are only fruitful when we can explain them and then actually do person. And... no one gets mad!!! Instead we laugh and have fun! Who would ever have thought? Martial artists from many different arts coming together and learning Ueshiba's aiki, using his exercises and terms and having fun while doing it.
Ueshiba would be so happy

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