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Re: Online Decline?

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Maybe we should look at AikiWeb as a place to practice and train our abilities to control emotions and apply the principles and values we hold so dear in civilized life. If that only means writing a heated reply offline first and reading it a few dozen times and editing it appropriately as we cool down, before posting, that will go a long way toward keeping the tone and 'tude at the right pitch.
That's how I treat aikiweb, as my online dojo, not to "control emotions" per se as I believe the ideas of fighting or controlling emotions, or pain, or stress, or people lead us in the wrong direction, but yes as a place to not only think about things and hopefully learn things and have my mind opened and changed but also as a place just like the dojo where I am working on improving what in myself needs improving.

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