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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

David Soroko wrote: View Post
If irrelevant why did you bring this up?
It was just a casual remark, what's your point?

David Soroko wrote: View Post
I am sure that if you take a look you will find more statements in that book that are true. It may include the original statement on the nature of aiki. My point is that you must be as careful not to dismiss information as you are careful to accept information - even if that information doesn't suit your theory.
I've read it before. Again, what's your point? Are you saying that Omiya's definition of Aiki is the correct one? What do you base that on? Have you met Omiya? Have you met anybody who's actually met him?

There was a characterization of Omiya as a Daito-ryu "expert". All that I said was, that ought to be taken with a grain of salt. Not all books are entirely accurate.

I haven't talked about his information or his theories, not at all.



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