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Re: Vantage points

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
So dismiss me. Fine by me. I would even strongly encourage you to, Cliff. Stick with someone lineage.
After all Takeda Sokaku didn't have one either. Why he didn't even have a black belt!!
These things are important to a lot of people Cliff. Be careful out there.

I wish I could simply dismiss you, but even if I stopped reading Aikiweb completely, some of my senior seniormost sempai train with you, so at best its like an elephant in the room with a tablecloth over its back, and some pictures, flowers, etc.

I guess one of the things about me is, I prefer following systems to following individuals. I have loyalties to individuals - but I seem to prefer training with individuals who offer me a path to a system that I can convince myself is "legit." I haven't been able to come to this conclusion with you and your system, because you are both uncomfortable with owning your system and making it "Dan Harden's IP Method" and you are unable to publicly discuss your training history.

I understand the latter issue...I don't expect you to share your training history publicly and I don't think that would fix anything. I think what has been going on in the past year or so is that you haven't strongly defined your own role in the martial arts communities you work with. You haven't provided a compelling story of how you developed the system that you teach. So others have started to define a role for you and everyone comes up with their own story.

i.e. it isn't that you don't discuss your lineage publicly - it is that your friends and associates do. And you haven't actually managed to get yourself into a place where your lineage doesn't matter.

Thanks for listening.
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