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Gregory Gargiso wrote: View Post
I meant martial arts of which IP/IS "was" a part.
An how are you going to connect daoism (internal alchemy, Qi theories, etc) with the arrival of Bodhidarma, assumming he ever existed, at China?

Just wondering if you have any better speculation?
Knowledge developed locally, information flowing across the Silk Road... things like that which don't need legendary people of dubious existence.

At this point, it doesn't matter, people are beginning to understand how and why it was a part of martial arts. Or are you speculating that IP was never a part of the martial arts?
Mi opinion about this subject is thar IP has been/is part (in various degrees) of combative skills across eurasia for thousand of years, but is not the Holy Grail for martial awesomeness that some people claims IP to be.

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