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Re: Seminar with a difference

Hi Quentin,

I think this is partly in the same vein as when asking how we can you get more people on the mat to get involved with Aiki Peace week etc.

I think it's a hard sell, the overriding theme still comes out sounding way too hippy-like to me and I think you'll struggle. The only way might be to get some names involved and by 'names' I mean recognised experts in these fields, one name that springs to mind for the verbal aikido and aikido in mediation would be Ellis Amdur, he's also very very busy from what I can see, he'd be about the only name that would get me excited, he'd also probably have a thing or three to talk about with regard to somatics potentially, I know he knows Mike Sigman so I automatically have a vested interest in meeting him - plus his martial skill and experience more than speaks for itself.

I guess what I'm saying is I wouldn't really be too interested unless the person or persons were more than just paper experts in the field, have they taken what they're spouting out in the real world and used it? I'd want any potential Aikido that was taught to be something more than the normal run of the mill stuff.

Best Regards,
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