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Re: Shiro Omiya Shihan on "Aiki"

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Shiro Omiya claimed to be a student of Tsuruyama Kozui, who was controversial in his own right, but held a legitimate 8th dan from Takuma Hisa.

I trained with Tsuruyama's dojo in Japan for a number of years - he had already passed away, but most of the senior folks had trained with him for many years.

After seeing the Omiya book I asked the head instructor about Omiya and Omiya's relationship to Tsuruyama. His exact words were "Well, I guess that if you train with someone even once you could call them your teacher".

I know the translator of the Omiya book - he translated it only on the condition that his name not be attached to it. His exact words were "That guy was just making it up".
Here is another quote from Omiya's book ( :

Yukiyoshi Sagawa (1902-1998) was one of Sokaku's earliest students.
You seem to concur with the remark that "That guy was just making it up". Is the information in the above quote "made up"? If not, what process do you (or the anonymous translator) employ to decide what is "made up" and what is not?

You say that Tsuruyama Kozui "was controversial", can you say more in what relevant to this discussion sense was he controversial?

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You have to be careful whose material you're examining.

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