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Re: Making Sense...?

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, there are many people who practice the physical art of Aikido who have not incorporated or integrated the philosophy into their psychology or sociology, much less their spirituality.

Since Aikido is a paradigm shift about accepting the conflict in the world, but not returning or responding in kind, it does illustrate that we need to work on the resolution of our own ego pain.
Yes, the first part is so true. I have had conversations with aikidoka who had no idea of the philosophy behind aikido, never mind incorporating it into their spiritual life.

As for working on the angst of the world, or at least a nation, that may be too big a bite to take.(?) Has anyone heard anything of applying aikido philosophy/practice to architecture?

In response to David S's post, as someone who was born and raised in Britain (till 11), I can understand your perplexion with America's obsession with guns, and, as someone also raised and living in the States, I can understand some people here's odsession with guns, too.

If you take out the people who want guns for personal self-defense and/or hunting, and also take out the criminal class, you are left with those who want assault weapons with large clips. The short of it is that these people just do not trust the government and want the gun option if the government turns "bad". Just part of the (some) American psyche.

Still, we are stuck with this current reality. So, what are our options?

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