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Re: Online Decline?

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Such an elegant and holographic way to demonstrate why this venue is so efficient at evaporating enthusiasm for Aikido.
Please clarify. You agree with the character assassination done by Francis Takahashi? Or don't like me calling him on it? He stated there were people who were demeaning, etc, etc who forced him to step back from Aikiweb. Until they are forced to be "good", he won't return. Obviously he means people here now. So, I would like to know who these low life's are that he has painted as disrespectful, demeaning, and use disgusting tactics. He used those words to attack someone or someone's character. I think since he brought it up, he should explain who these people are.

Everyone says they want peaceful conversations ... Funny how it's okay to portray current Aikiweb members as demeaning, disgusting, etc and be held up on a pedestal for it - all the while calling for reigi sa ho.

And Jun wholeheartedly agrees... *sigh*
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