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................When most "IP" people are pressed about what they've learned I hear again and again, something to the effect of, "well I'm not really that good, so I couldn't demonstrate it, but you should see so-and-so". This, in and of it self tells me that the methods to train this body skill are not very effective, even if the body skill is impressive. After all the years of debate we've had, there should be hundreds of people popping up showing this stuff. Yet I only see the same small number of names presented again and again. Why would you devote yourself to a long training period, with so little proof that you are going to get anything from it?
It is not my place to share Dan's training approach, just as it was not my place to share that of Mike Sigman or that of my friend John Clodig....... Now the next time you come down to see your teacher Tim Cartmell let me know and if you like you can stop by and we can talk Aikido....see were we differ and were we are similar. That is the best I can do.....

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