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Re: Online Decline?

As far as the issue of °∆tone°« is concerned, I am sure I have been guilty of wrong °∆tone°« at times - on those occasions, it was not my intention to come across that way and I apologize if I offended or caused anyone any grief over it.

However, as a martial artist, when pushed, I push back, and the issue of disrespectful tone cuts both ways - as I see it, there has been bad °∆tone°« from more than just the IP/IS people. As I mentioned in another post, I have no problem with folks not seeing Aiki the way I do, but when Aiki is being discussed, I will present my view on it so others know there is more out there about Aiki than what other Aikido folks are presenting.

In reading the °∆tone°« from some posts in this thread, I get the feeling some folks would like to have the IP/IS people banned from the site and/or restricted in some fashion - I see this type of mindset akin to censorship and similar to how the Romans viewed the Christians as a threat to their core beliefs.

I agree we all need to get along and discuss things with respect for each other - I think people on both sides of any issue should not take things as a personal attack just because someone diagrees with their beliefs - to really have a fruitful discussion, you have to have diverse views to discuss - if we all thought the same thing, there would be no need for discussion and we all could be very content just keeping our respective heads buried in the sand

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