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An observation,
Maybe as Dan has said , it is not all about Dan, "Its about the work". Exactly the point, does so and so , ranked so high in the whatever organization, down to the last man say I am now enamored with Dan Hardens point of view. Or does he just have to be enamored enough with the IS/IP work to change what he is doing. No one , is trying to blow up the USAF or any other Aikido organization here, and yet that seems to be where the conversation leads....everytime.
As a pretty low ranking so and so in an Aikido organization(notice how i dont have to drop names here)I dont see why there is conflict , unless , someone is not telling the whole truth. So exactly what does the Organization have to hide? What are they protecting? I am able to observe both sides of this argument(being low rank and not caring about title holding) and can tell you Dan is just about preserving the work and incorporating it into Aikido , back where it belongs amongst others
So if it is just about "the work" where does it come from?
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