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Re: Online Decline?

I have another point to add to this discussion.

Recently I joined a private forum relating to martial arts practice. It is very small and very well moderated (people that don't "get" the community standards don't last very long). The quality of the submissions is high, and people feel safe posting. It has a more focussed and serious feel to it. It is not searchable by google. The subject matter is very specific.

Would AikiWeb benefit from becoming more private or more aggressively moderated? I don't know, but I suspect that Jun has always allowed the community to develop organically rather than in an overly-engineered fashion. Also, "aikido" as a subject is incredibly large and draws people from vastly different backgrounds, so it seems to work as a public place. AikiWeb has always been inclusive rather than exclusive. This seems to be intentional, and I still think it is a good choice (albeit a choice that comes with certain challenges).

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